DermRad™ powers Infusion8: skincare is a category of cosmonautical

DermRad™ powers Infusion8: skincare is a category of cosmonautical, which is a term that combines cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

DermRad™ DermRad™ products were inspired by a NASA spacelab inquiry into growing Plants in 2008, we studied the effects of microgravity on cellular biology, such as gene expression, cell differentiation, and tissue formation. It involved study of plant stem cells to the International Space Station (ISS) and comparing their behavior with stem cells on Earth.

The results showed that microgravity induced changes in stem cell proliferation, differentiation, and gene expression in microgravity could be a tool to manipulate stem cells and create solutions for regenerative medicine on earth.

DermRad™ used the knowledge gained from the NASA spacelab inquiry to create Infusion8 skincare to treat the causes of skin problems, not just mask them. The products are based on science and improved over 17 years of R and D.

DermRad™ powered Infusion8 skincare contains biologically active ingredients, based on the science of priming, which is the process of infusing the skin cells with essential nutrients and minerals to stimulate cellular regeneration to repair skin damage.

DermRad™ micro algae-derived antioxidants, anti-infectives, and anti-inflammatory compounds nanotech, nano micron enhanced ingredient are mechanism of action.

DermRad™ products are marketed under the brand name Infusion8, which reflects the company’s vision for “Beauty through Wellness” So we target concerns, such as wrinkles, sun burn, age spots, frown and laugh lines, sagging skin and Muscle pain.

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