DermRad™ journey began from the NASA Space Lab inquiry into plants at NASA Space in 2008, to explore the intriguing relationship between plant DNA and human cell biology. Over 17 years of focus on skincare and anti-aging research and investment led to transdermal Infusion8™ Skincare,

DermRad™ address the concerns of unregulated chemicals in cosmetics since “1938” and its causes of diseases and cancers. DermRad™ transdermal Skincare is compliant with the latest US and European regulations, California and Maryland effective January 2025.

DermRad™ bridges ancient apothecary wisdom with leading-edge Nanotec Micron infusion, creating an experience that validates the promise of anti-aging to stand the test of time.

DermRad™ powered Infusion8™ is a cosmonautical plant-derived microalgae antioxidants, anti-infectives, anti- inflammatory compounds, vitamins, and bio-stimulants. It delivers essential nutrients and minerals to the point of need to fight inflammation, detoxify, rebuild collagen, fortify the immune system to slow the aging process.

DermRad™ biologically active FDA-approved ingredients and GRAS-certified, delivers of essential nutrients through the dermis into the interstitial fluid surrounding cells in minutes.

It bypasses the often compacted seven-meter digestive intestines and three feet of fermentation in the lower intestines with a noninvasive infusion (similar to vaccine) priming technology.

Infusion8: Address the Causes, Not Just Mask the problems!

Our novel nanotech microns enhance skin penetration and sustained drug release. 

It’s the science and plant derived ingredient for cellular regeneration for more vibrant you.

Our breakthrough doesn't just hide problems, it treats the causes.

A glowing complexion is the Skins holy grail:

What does this mean for you?

  • Higher Stability: Our advanced technology ensures product stability, and results.
  • Site-Specific Targeting: Infusion8 zeroes to area of need. 
  • High Entrapment Efficiency: Our Hi-Value ingredients, ensuring effective and efficient.

Dermrad™ Powers Priming in Infusion8

  • Skin Complexion: A glowing complexion and not just a cosmetic cover.
  • Muscle Stress: Remediate inflammation in your muscles.
  • Wrinkles: Removed rincles Remedy the signs of aging. Works from inside out to the surface.
  • Photoaging: Repairs sun damage and environmental effects of skin complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation:  Improves skin tone, and glowing complexion.
  • Hair Damage: Repairs damage and promotes healthy hair.

Infusion8 skincare beyond the hype a real solution for a radiant Complexion!

DermRad™ induced priming elicitors of key elements stimulate a positive response, resilience against diseases. Unlocks a revolution in scientific remedies for skin conditions.

Experience the magic. Infusion8 works wonders on:

The magic of DermRad™ elicitor, activates the innate immune system. This natural adaptive response mechanism is a catalyst to build a defense against environmental stress and biological challenges.

Infusion8™ powered by DermRad™ unique microalgae-based ingredients, a game-changer for skincare. Carefully selected Ingredients for their nutrient density from sourced from around the globe and optimized to deliver maximal benefits without unwanted side effects.

Say goodbye to fleeting cosmetic cover-ups and trends and embrace the beauty from within. Let the Infusion8 priming introduce the wisdom of nature for a radiant complexion.

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